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Remotely addressable magnetic composite micro-actuators




The present invention describes methods to fabricate actuators that can be remotely controlled in an addressable manner, and methods to provide remote control such micro-actuators. The actuators are composites of two permanent magnet materials, one of which is has high coercivity, and the other of which switches magnetization direction by applied fields. By switching the second material's magnetization direction, the two magnets either work together or cancel each other, resulting in distinct “on” and “off” behavior of the devices. The device can be switched “on” or “off” remotely using a field pulse of short duration.

Author(s): Sitti, Metin and Diller, Eric and Miyashita, Shuhei
Year: 2016
Month: Febuary
Day: 14

Department(s): Physical Intelligence
Bibtex Type: Patent (patent)

Note: US Patent App. 15/018,008


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