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PhD Representatives

External PhD Representatives

The external PhD representatives serve as a first point of contact for PhD students to raise issues to the central Max Planck PhDnet. They are elected annually by the PhD student body - one per institute. All external PhD representatives attend an annual General Meeting, during which various work-groups are formed to advocate for MPI PhD candidates.

The current representatives are:

Viktoriia Kamska

Intelligent Systems (IS)


Kyungmi Lim

Solid State Research (FKF)

Office: 7A7
Extension: 1705

The Max Planck PhDnet

The Max Planck PhDnet is a network representing the 4500+ PhD student researchers within the overall MPG; PhDnet leaders work mainly on improving working conditions and promoting scientific exchange. To access the PhDnet portal, select "Other Users" and "next", then enter your MPG login credentials (most likely your Max Planck email address). You can select "Forgot Password" to reset your login credentials. All MPI PhD students may access this portal.