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Robust Physics-based Motion Retargeting with Realistic Body Shapes





Motion capture is often retargeted to new, and sometimes drastically different, characters. When the characters take on realistic human shapes, however, we become more sensitive to the motion looking right. This means adapting it to be consistent with the physical constraints imposed by different body shapes. We show how to take realistic 3D human shapes, approximate them using a simplified representation, and animate them so that they move realistically using physically-based retargeting. We develop a novel spacetime optimization approach that learns and robustly adapts physical controllers to new bodies and constraints. The approach automatically adapts the motion of the mocap subject to the body shape of a target subject. This motion respects the physical properties of the new body and every body shape results in a different and appropriate movement. This makes it easy to create a varied set of motions from a single mocap sequence by simply varying the characters. In an interactive environment, successful retargeting requires adapting the motion to unexpected external forces. We achieve robustness to such forces using a novel LQR-tree formulation. We show that the simulated motions look appropriate to each character’s anatomy and their actions are robust to perturbations.

Author(s): Mazen Al Borno and Ludovic Righetti and Michael J. Black and Scott L. Delp and Eugene Fiume and Javier Romero
Journal: Computer Graphics Forum
Volume: 37
Pages: 6:1--12
Year: 2018
Month: July

Department(s): Movement Generation and Control, Perceiving Systems
Research Project(s): Modeling Human Movement
Physics of Body Shape and Motion
Bibtex Type: Article (article)
Paper Type: Journal

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