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The Disentanglement Challenge runs until September 24.

NeurIPS2019 Disentanglement Challenge kicks off - Bringing Disentanglement to the Real World

Registration opened on June 28 and the Challenge runs until September 24.

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, GoogleAI, and MILA Montreal have launched the Disentanglement Challenge. Registration is now open: sign up now and bring disentangled representations to the REAL world - with 20,000 euros in prize money and best paper awards!

Disentangled Representation Disentanglement Challenge


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Joel Bessekon Akpo
Robotics Engineer
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Stefan Bauer
Research Group Leader
ei sf Thumb sm thumb karin bierig
Karin Bierig
Research Technician
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Muhammad Waleed Gondal
Ph.D. Student
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Arash Mehrjou
Ph.D. Student
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sf Thumb sm volchkov valentin
Valentin Volchkov
Optics & Sensing Laboratory
ei Thumb sm wuethrich medium
Manuel Wüthrich
Postdoctoral Researcher