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Four-legged robot makes research comparable worldwide

Four-legged robot makes research comparable worldwide

Solo 8 is a new research robot, developed as an open-source project in the German cities of Tübingen and Stuttgart. The dog-resembling, torque-controlled quadruped is capable of very dynamic movements. It is made entirely of 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf components, which makes it an easy to replicate platform ideal for fundamental research in legged locomotion and robotic education. The project aims to provide robotic research labs around the world with an easy-to-assemble legged robot kit that doesn’t break the bank. Additionally, software on Solo 8 is constantly improved and publicly available on GitHub. In return, the scientists of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems hope to exchange insights with other teams. Running experiments on the same platform creates comparative data – an ideal foundation for rapid progress in the research field of robotics.

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am Felix Grimminger
Felix Grimminger
Mechatronics Engineer
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Avadesh Meduri
mg Majid Khadiv
Majid Khadiv
Postdoctoral Researcher
mg Julian Viereck
Julian Viereck
Ph.D. Student
ei Manuel Wüthrich
Manuel Wüthrich
Postdoctoral Researcher
mg Maximilien Naveau
Maximilien Naveau
Postdoctoral Researcher
ics Steve Heim
Steve Heim
Postdoctoral Researcher
ei Felix Widmaier
Felix Widmaier
Research Engineer
sf Jonathan Fiene
Jonathan Fiene
ZWE Robotics Leader
dlg Alexander Badri-Sprowitz
Alexander Badri-Sprowitz
Max Planck Research Group Leader
mg Ludovic Righetti
Ludovic Righetti
Max Planck Research Group Leader
sg Linda Behringer
Linda Behringer
Public Relations Officer